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CBD Oil para sa Mga Aso

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Third Party Testing

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 Key benefits

  • Non-toxic, pet-safe CBD oil
  • Specially formulated for small pets
  • Zero THC guaranteed 100% vegan – derived from certified hemp
  • Third-party lab tested, guaranteed non-toxic
  • Certificate of Analysis from an independent laboratory
CBD for dogs

Product overview

We offer our CBD oil in 10ml & added value 30ml for dogs in three strengths:

Small dog (up to 5kg)  3% 

Medium dog (6kg to 12kg) 5%

Large dog (13kg + ) 10% 

Optimise your dog's wellbeing with our CBD Oil. CBD assists the body to combat pain, calms the mood, supports the bodies natural recovery process and encourages healthy skin and coat.

Combining only quality cannabidiol (CBD) with MCT oil (coconut oil) our CBD oil delivers a clean and convenient way to improve the quality of life for your furry best friend.

With extensive third-party testing, and free from harmful toxins, we guarantee our CBD is completely safe for your pet – created using only 100% natural ingredients with zero THC.

Whatever type of dog you have, with natural anti-inflammatory properties₁ and proven effects on mood, sleep and pain control₂, CBD is the perfect choice for all kinds of pet worries – from ageing pet issues to those who struggle with loud sounds and being home alone.

Our Certificate of Analysis can be found here: 3% CBD Oil for Dogs, 5% CBD Oil for Dogs and 10% CBD Oil for Dogs.